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Now Playing: Online poker deals with free streaming videos, gambling site says | The video poker site PokerStars has raised a whopping $1.6 billion in new funding.

The company also announced it would expand its poker business in Hawaii, and it’s set to launch a new poker app in the Pacific island nation in the coming months.

PokerStars CEO Nick Bilton said the new funding will help build on the success of the company’s popular poker app, PokerStars PokerStars.

The app is currently available in Japan and the U.K. but it is expected to expand to other markets in the future.

Bilton announced the news at the WSOP’s Las Vegas office in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Berenson & Frierson partner James Berensen said in a statement that he and Berensons investment team were excited to continue to grow our poker business here in Hawaii and we look forward to bringing our poker expertise and deep pool of players to the island and to Hawaii.

Berensons team has been in Hawaii for nearly five years and it is his first venture into online poker.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with PokerStars and its strong focus on our state,” Berenssons said in the statement.

“Hawaii is a great place to launch our poker businesses because of its beautiful coastline and rich history.

Hawaii is also a great home for poker because of the state’s high poker taxes and a strong, healthy poker industry.”

The WSOP said in its press release that PokerStars was looking to expand its online poker operations in Hawaii because of a growing demand for poker in the state.

“The WSOP has been working with PwC, the largest provider of poker software and software platforms in the world, to expand our poker offerings in Hawaii,” Bensons statement said.

“While the WSop has always been focused on Hawaii, we now have a lot more of a stake in expanding the Hawaiian market and our PokerStars Hawaiian offerings.”

The PokerStars app features interactive games that can be played on iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

Users can check their winnings and losses, view their profile, and buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other securities.

Bets can be made on up to five games a day, according to PokerStars, and players can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Pokerstars will also offer a dedicated app for poker players in Hawaii.

In addition to the PokerStars deal, Berennsons announced that the company will launch a Hawaii-based poker site in the near future.

PokerOnline has raised $2.8 billion in venture capital funding, according a press release from Berenmans venture firm, Bespoke Investment Group.

The site will allow users to play poker games and watch live poker tournaments in their home states, with additional tournaments planned.

PokerNation will allow poker fans to make bets with their friends, or even pay to play with them.

Bespoked Investment Group also invested in an investment firm called PokerStars Holdings, which specializes in gambling software and services.

Benson said in his statement that his team will continue to develop PokerStars’ poker app for Hawaii.

“PokerStars has been an incredible success for our state, and we are proud to bring the best of our technology to the Hawaii market,” Berentson said., which launched in March 2017, has raised over $1 billion.

The online poker site has become one of the most popular online poker sites.

The poker site also offers mobile apps for iPhones, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

The WSO said in April that the WSO will launch its poker app and online poker website in Hawaii in the next couple of months.

The PokerWorld app will feature a live streaming poker game as well as a casino gambling app.

Poker is expected in Hawaii by the end of the year.