By Alex Seitz-WaldBloomberg.com| February 17, 2018 5:08:00A new breed of poker game has emerged in Japan and one that has brought the country a bit of the attention it’s been craving.

A Japanese company has opened its first online poker game and it’s a new breed that’s bringing the country some attention.

The poker game, called PokeRichardson, was developed by the same team behind a popular Japanese online poker site, called POKEO.

Its been available on mobile devices in Japan since last summer.

The company hopes the site will be a game that players can use to compete with other players from around the world.

“Our goal is to have a game in which anyone can play in,” said Yuko Yoshida, CEO of PokeRichardons online poker service.

“This is the perfect game for Japan.

It has a strong gaming environment, but also has the right social aspects,” she added.

PokeRichardsons online service launched in Japan last summer, allowing users to create and play their own decks.

It had about 200,000 players at the time.

Now the company has started its online poker business in China, with plans to expand to Japan and China in the near future.

“Pokerichardson is the most important poker game in Japan, because it’s so popular and it has a high player base,” said Takuya Fujita, chief executive officer of the Japan Poker Association, an industry group that represents the world’s biggest poker players.

The company has developed a mobile poker game that it plans to launch in China sometime this year.

The online poker platform is a joint venture between the Japanese company PokeRich, a company that provides the game, and the Chinese online gambling company POKE.