‘Poker Card Hands: I’m So Proud to Have a Dog in the Hall of Fame’

The Washington Post’s editorial board has nominated two dogs to play in the National Football League Hall of Famer’s Hall of Honor.

Dog, who was born in 2012, and Golden, who has been a member of the Washington Redskins since 2001, are the latest additions to the NFL’s 10 finalists for the first annual Pet Dog Hall of Shame.

The first three nominees were retired players, but Golden has made it a point to speak out on social issues, such as gun control.

“He is a champion for animal rights and animal welfare.

He is a supporter of animals everywhere and has spoken out on behalf of dogs across the nation,” the league said in a statement.

“We are proud to nominate Dog and Golden for the prestigious Pet Dog Award.

The NFL is dedicated to supporting the animal rights community and to honoring those who continue to speak for them.”

Golden is one of several dogs to be nominated for the honor this year.

In January, a retired NFL player who was shot and killed while protecting his dog from an attacker was honored with a spot on the inaugural class.

And in January, another retired NFL linebacker, Paul Krause, was nominated for a spot.

In 2017, three other retired players received the Pet Dog Honor, including former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who won the award in 2013 after leading the team to two Super Bowl titles and a Super Bowl MVP award.

Other nominees in 2017 included former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who is the only quarterback to win the award twice, and former Bears quarterback Brett Favre, who beat his former team, the Minnesota Vikings, to win Super Bowl LI.

The Pet Dog Awards are awarded to the National Sports Carriers Association’s top dog, as determined by the American Kennel Club, and the most deserving dogs are chosen from among all of the dogs that represent a sport or sports.

The winner will be announced in September, when the winners will be honored at a ceremony at the Washington National Cathedral, which is dedicated in honor of the late George Washington, who died in 1797.