Straight Poker – The Latest! (3-Pack)

My Strip Poker 3-Pack features a bunch of new poker videos, a new version of My Strip poker, a couple of brand new poker tips, and a couple new poker chips.

It also features two new poker books and an update to My Strip’s game mode, making it a bit more hardcore and action-packed.

It’s all here for free on YouTube.

My Strip Poker, which is now available on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, lets you play poker from anywhere, anytime with a full controller, a keyboard and mouse, and the ability to buy chips and wagers on the go.

This is a much more competitive poker game than it used to be, and players who can play well will be rewarded with great results.

For now, My Strip has a $10 price tag and is only available for $9.99.

For the full review, head to this link.