The Philippines’ fish poke is ‘just for tourists’

THE Philippines has a new catch that is “just for tourist” and not suitable for mass consumption, according to a report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In a story published Tuesday, the Inquirers reported on a fish poke that had been made by a local shop.

The poke, which had been branded with the logo of the Philippine National Police (PNP), was made by the shop owner, who had also given it to the police.

According to the report, the fish poke was given to police to test whether it was effective.

“We don’t recommend this product for recreational use.

The fish poke should be used for research and testing,” a PNP spokesperson told the Inquires.

The fish poke has since been removed from sale.

The Inquires article says it is a good idea to buy only from reputable shops, because of the dangers involved in the process.

“I think that we should have a good control on the fish we buy.

I think that it should be the PNP that regulates,” said resident Jose Perna, who said he does not recommend the poke.

“It’s not good for the environment.

It’s not even good for our fish.”

Perna said the PNM should not make the fish go fishing.

“We shouldn’t go fishing in the wild.

That’s bad for the fish.

We should just go and take them home,” he said.

While the fish poked has been removed, Pernabu, who lives in the area where the poke was made, said he still thinks the poke should have been banned.

“The PNP has been doing a lot of bad things, so why not just ban it?

They shouldn’t be allowed to make that kind of fish,” he told the Associated Press.

Despite the concerns, the poke still sells.