What is the deal with the new “Poke Princess” video game?

The new “Princess” video games are “a whole new level of entertainment,” according to the game’s developer, The Pokemon Company.

The games are set in a fantasy world where “everything is real,” the company announced in a press release.

“In our fantasy world, everything is real, but you can always get a peek at what’s happening around you,” the release said.

“Prinny’s not the only one with a peek inside.

You can catch Pokemon from a wide range of creatures and discover their hidden abilities.”

The game features four Pokemon in addition to the princess and a few other characters.

“The world is full of Pokemon,” the game says.

“POKÉMONs have a special bond with the land they call home, and you can help them stay healthy by catching and breeding them.”

“Pokémon trainers have a chance to find new Pokemon, and even better, discover the secret to their legendary powers,” the press release said, adding that players can play the game without the need to have a smartphone.

The Pokemon company also said the games will offer “the ultimate game-changer” and “the world’s most advanced Pokemon battling system.”

The games will feature an online mode where players can trade their Pokemon to one another and challenge other players in Pokemon Battle Revolution, a multiplayer mode that allows players to battle other players on the same local network.

Pokemon Battle Royal, which was released last month, is available now on the iOS App Store.

Pokemon Company’s game developer, Niantic Labs, announced last week that it will launch an Android game that will allow players to compete in Pokemon battles, with players competing in virtual arenas that simulate the real world.

Pokemon Playground, which is also scheduled to release this summer, will allow users to play Pokemon games in real-world settings, with real Pokemon in virtual environments.