What is the ‘poke bowl’ and how much does it cost?

A $500 poke bowl.

A $10 bowl.

An entire bottle of water.

A $500 bowl of water, according to a video posted to YouTube last month.

That’s about $15 for a single bowl, which is not the best deal for a $10-a-bowl meal.

But that’s not the only reason to get a bowl of chicken, noodles and rice at the PokeCom Hawaii restaurant.

PokeCom Hawaii, a Hawaiian chain that sells fish, chicken, seafood, rice and more, has a number of unique perks, including free wi-fi, a “Poke” board game that allows you to play as a “peanut,” and a free drink.

“We have a lot of perks, and we’re a big supporter of the Hawaiian culture,” said Kris VanDeVries, the company’s director of communications.

“But we’re also a small business.”

And, unlike a lot the other big fishy restaurants in town, the PokeCorp restaurants have no sign, logo or advertising on their storefronts.

VanDeVrys said the company decided to keep the locations small because it wanted to give customers a sense of community and pride in Hawaii.

“The thing we really like about the poke bowl is that you don’t have to buy a beer to enjoy it,” VanDeValys said.

“You don’t even have to pay to get into the restaurant.”

The poke bowl features a large piece of chicken and chicken noodle, a large bowl of rice and a bowl with a bowl filled with chicken, chicken noodles, chicken and rice.

A bowl of peanut, a poke board game, and a drink.

The poke bowls at PokeCom Honolulu.

A large bowl with chicken noodlons.

A poke board, a game, a drink and a beer.

The menu at the poke bowls in Honolulu.