What the heck is a lemon shark poke?

When I was little, my father would bring me home and tell me that his favorite candy was lemon shark.

I always loved that.

Today, I would tell you that my favorite candy is lemon shark, which is a sweet and colorful fish.

But, what is a Lemon Shark Poke?

Well, it is a very tasty fish that has a lemon-colored head and belly, and it is sometimes called a lemon fish.

I like lemon shark for its color and texture.

It is a bit fishy, but not too fishy that it looks like it was caught in the middle of a fire, like a lemon, with its mouth open.

When I think of lemon shark I picture my mom, who is a big lemon shark fan, or a big shrimp shark fan.

When my dad brought me home from my favorite summer fishing trip, he told me that he liked lemon shark because it was bright yellow, with a lemon color.

It had a beautiful belly, bright yellow teeth, and white, pink, and red spots.

The fins were pink, the skin a deep orange.

And it had a mouth that was full of bright yellow bubbles.

I loved that it was so bright, and I loved the bubbles.

And my father liked the shape of the fins because they were soft and they were just about perfect.

I think it is one of my favorite fish because it is very colorful, and the texture of it is nice.

Lemon sharks have a mouth like a sponge and the fins are very tough, but they are not too hard.

So, lemon shark is a great addition to any kitchen.

It comes in many colors and sizes, and is also very easy to peel.

Lemon shark is the perfect size for kids, but you should keep it away from pets, children, and other animals that chew and scratch.

You should never eat lemon shark in a candy store or restaurant.

You can also buy the fish at a retail store, but I would rather buy the live fish because they are fresher and are less likely to go bad.