Why you need to get a beer and take a selfie when you’re on your way to the pub

The next time you’re heading out to grab a pint or two with your pals, try taking a photo of yourself on your smartphone and sharing it on Instagram.

You might just end up with a meme for all of your friends.

“I have a pretty extensive Instagram list, so if someone asks me, ‘How do you make a meme?’

I can usually reply, ‘I just use my phone,'” said Emily Epps, an artist and digital content producer based in New York.

“It’s a lot of fun to take photos of your face with a smile on it, a laugh on it and just hang out in your room with your friends.”

In this way, the party poker meme might be a bit more of a social commentary than it is a political statement.

But while the image is meant to be funny, Epps believes it is an opportunity to show the world how much fun people can have in the midst of an election season.

“It’s fun to laugh, to have a good time and just be a little bit of a goofball,” Epps said.

“People are kind of being very kind to one another.”

And for some, the meme might just be an opportunity for a little social commentary.

“If you have a little fun, I think it can be a great way to engage with the public in a way that’s more than just just political,” said Matt Cappuccio, who owns a food delivery service in New Orleans.

“You can be really positive about your community and just being a good person, which is a nice thing to do,” Cappucci added.

Epps said she hopes the meme will be a catalyst for positive change in the city, and a way to encourage people to show their support for their local community.